Catering for Success: Choosing the Right Catering Service

Organic food

            When a company plans for an event or fundraiser, customers and more importantly investors, must be impressed. A company-sponsored event is basically displaying the quality of the company and its products and services through the quality of the event that they are sponsoring. A poor presentation or black tie event can make or break potential relationships with customers and contacts. Although it may sound shallow, potential customers and contacts are probably having their first contact with a company by coming to a business sponsored party or fundraiser. It is important to make a lasting impression if a company wishes to expand.


For most companies, events will be held in any variety of venues in major cities, considering that a number of company headquarters are located in large urban centers. If a company is throwing an event in the big apple, it can’t call any New York catering service, it has to research before committing. There is an innumerable pool of New York catering services, and choosing the wrong one can be catastrophic for a company that wants to make a lasting impression on customers or investors. Quality and service must be considered if a company wants to be taken seriously by customer, investors, or even its own employees.


But is quality really that much of an issue? Should that same New York company research a catering service in New Jersey because they have a better reputation then one right down the block? Although that company probably doesn’t know anything about catering services in New Jersey, if a catering service has a good reputation or is known to have superior food and service, the extra cost may be worth it. Why use a more expensive, peripheral catering company, when a catering service in New York can offer lower cost, albeit lower quality, services and food?


Because potential customers and investors notice minute details when a company is sponsoring it. They take the catering and service that the company paid for, and interpret it as a manifestation of the company itself. If the food isn’t fresh enough, or the service is too fresh, they may think that a company’s products are stale, or their staff and employees are pompous and hard to work with. A company must research before hiring and investing in a catering company for their event or party. If a hasty selection is made, the results can be disastrous.


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